Ron Livingston Will Face Aliens In Young Adult Adaptation The 5th Wave


YA or not YA? That is the question most likely posed when hopeful authors submit their finished manuscripts to agents and publishers. Young adult is fast becoming the go-to genre for entire media franchises to be built upon. Gone are the days when an adaptation might go into development after the novel has sat on the New York Times Bestseller list for weeks. It’s now customary for books to get optioned before they’re even published, and that’s especially the case with young adult novels.

While there’s simply insufficient space to list all of the YA trilogies that’ve been on the big screen or are heading to it, it’s safe to say that we’re in the thick of a trend. Keeping in line with said trend, Sony’s upcoming adaptation, The 5th Wave continues to surge forward, as today the film has landed its next victim in the shape of Ron Livingston.

Based on the novel by Rick Yancey, the plot will follow the citizens of Earth who have suffered four waves of attack from murderous extraterrestrials, and by the title we can assume they’re expecting more. Livingston has signed on to star as the father of Chloe Grace Moretz’s 16-year old protagonist, Cassie. He is described as being “an important part of Cassie’s life, and tries his best to protect her during the deadly alien attacks.”

Moretz will lead the charge, as she goes on the run after her younger brother Sammy (Zachary Arthur) is taken and held at an alien compound. Her motivation is to not only survive the next deadly wave, but also rescue her sibling. By the sounds of it, Livingston will be along for the ride, and as a massively likeable actor who’s funny and warm to boot, he’ll be a brilliant addition to what could be the next big YA adaptation.

Directed by J Blakeson from a script by Susannah Grant, The 5th Wave is set for release on January 29th, 2016.