Ron Perlman Rallies Fans To Make Hellboy 3 A Reality


In the 7 years since Big Red’s last appearance on the silver screen, Hellboy 3 has languished in the fiery pits of development hell. Neither dead nor alive, both Guillermo Del Toro and leading star Ron Perlman have each drummed up support to get the wheels in motion on the long-gestating threequel, and recently the latter actor took to Twitter to rally the franchise’s passionate fanbase once more.

Below, you’ll not only find Perlman’s heartfelt war cry, but also the support of his Hellboy co-stars Doug Jones and Selma Blair, who expressed their own excitement about a potential third entry in the supernatural series.

Garnering a significant amount of traction on the social platform – 19k Re-Tweets, at the time of writing – Perlman’s tactic certainly didn’t go unnoticed, though whether anything materializes out of the rallying that could directly impact Hellboy 3 is another question entirely. Here’s what the actor had to say about the matter with the benefit of hindsight. 

Alas, though there is clearly an audience for Hellboy 3, the dark franchise very much remains a cult hit. And now with Guillermo del Toro busy with the likes of Crimson Peak and At the Mountains of Madness, it’ll be some time yet before the auteur finds room in his schedule to helm the project – and even then, it will boil down to a question of financing.