Rosario Dawson Still Wants To Play Star Wars’ Ahsoka, And Here’s How It Could Work


Two weeks ago, we reported that Rosario Dawson was vigorously campaigning for the role of Ahsoka Tano, a fan-favourite Jedi from the Star Wars CG TV shows. Now, to coincide with Star Wars Day, which was yesterday, May 4th, she’s back at it again, re-Tweeting an interesting fan theory as to how the character might show up in a live-action film.

First appearing in Star Wars: The Clone Wars as Anakin Skywalker’s Padawan, the plucky young Jedi quickly became a big hit with viewers and would go on to appear in Star Wars: Rebels as well as a novel titled Star Wars: Ahsoka. Currently, her fate is uncertain, as the finale of Rebels season 2 saw her duelling her own master, Anakin – though we’re not entirely sure if she survived or not.

Still, fans have been busy concocting ways for her to return, with the most intriguing being that her ‘death’ has allowed her to become what’s known as a custodian of Mortis. For those who are unaware, which is probably a lot of you, Mortis is a mysterious realm seen in The Clone Wars, a place that exists within the Force itself and acts as a conduit for it. Three figures guard the realm: the Father, the Son and the Daughter. Right now, there’s a vacancy in the Daughter slot, and fans think Ahsoka is the perfect candidate to fill it.

Honestly, the chance of any of this Mortis stuff ever making it into a live-action Star Wars film sounds pretty far-fetched, let alone it being the way in which Rosario Dawson makes her debut in this universe. Then again, as I pointed out the last time this story flew around the rumour mill, stranger things have happened, so you never know.

What do you think, though? Could the actress find herself taking on the role of a custodian of Mortis in a future Star Wars movie? Sound off below with your thoughts.