Could Rosario Dawson Make The Leap From The Defenders To She-Hulk?


Rosario Dawson has made her presence felt as Claire Temple in all of Marvel’s Netflix shows thus far, starting with Daredevil back in 2015 and continuing on through both Luke Cage and Jessica Jones (she’ll also appear in Iron Fist and The Defenders next year). As such, the actress has become a pivotal part of that world.

However, with the Marvel TV and movie universes still fairly separate – despite both of them being set in the MCU, Alfre Woodard appeared as two different characters in Luke Cage and Captain America: Civil War, for example – could the door be open to Dawson playing another character on the big screen? It certainly seems possible.

When a fan reached out to the actress on social media to tell her that she would be perfect for She-Hulk, Dawson responded that she’d “be honored to assume the role.” There’s no denying that she would be a great fit for the part, but as of right now, there are no plans that we know of for Bruce Banner’s cousin to be brought to live-action. She is, however, about to get her own comic book series, so who knows? The popularity of that could very well help open the door for some sort of adaptation.

Whether or not Dawson would be considered after playing Claire is hard to say of course, but it’s difficult to imagine who else Marvel could cast that would be a better fit. For now, we can at least look forward to the actress once again showing up in The Defenders to reprise her role as Claire Temple.