Rotten Tomatoes’ first-ever mobile trivia game for movie lovers now available

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If you’re a movie and trivia buff, well today’s your lucky day. The review aggregating site Rotten Tomatoes just announced a new daily trivia game for mobile phones. The game is “sure to be a daily obsession for film aficionados everywhere,” the company said.

The game is called “Rotten Tomatoes’ Daily Tomato” and all of the questions are taken from the site. It works like this: you get up to five clues to guess a movie title, and you can guess once after each one.

If someone guesses correctly, they win. Very simple. If they get an answer wrong, the next clue is auto revealed. If they get stuck they can hit the “next clue” button and lose a guess that turn. People can also share your results with friends. It’s basically Wordle but you guess a title instead of a word.

There’s a new Daily Tomato every day. Here are a few more rules:

“If any word in a wrong guess is in the correct answer, we will highlight it in your guess history. Clue number one is the movie’s basic information and the number of words in the title. The following three clues are excerpts from reviews, and the last one will reveal the poster and the Critics Consensus, which represents the collective opinion of Tomatometer-approved critics.”

The company also said that people can “participate in special weekend challenges and themed weeks tied to seasonal and holiday content,” so there’s always going to be something new in the pipeline. The Daily Tomato game can be found here.