Avengers 4 Trailer Reportedly Coming Monday, Captain Marvel On Wednesday


Remember we told you a few hours ago that this coming week was going to be an unforgettable one for Marvel fans? Well, we now have some new information that explains exactly why.

The folks over at Screen Geek are reporting tonight that their sources have told them the House of Ideas is getting set to break the internet with a double whammy that’ll send fans into a frenzy. According to the outlet, the first Avengers 4 trailer will be with us on Monday, which we already kind of assumed. They say it’s likely that it’ll premiere during Monday Night Football but couldn’t confirm the exact time.

That’s not all, though, as they’re also telling us that Kevin Feige and co. plan on dropping a new Captain Marvel trailer, which would arrive during Good Morning America on Wednesday. Now, they do note that this plan could change, and the previews may swap spots. But for the moment, this is apparently what the studio’s looking to do, and it sounds like something that’d make sense.

Before we get too excited, though, let’s keep in mind that Marvel themselves have yet to confirm anything, but from what we understand, this intel comes from someone who worked on both trailers, so we’re inclined to believe it. Not to mention that there’s been a TON of speculation pointing to Monday being the day when we get the first Avengers 4 footage.

As for Captain Marvel, well, we didn’t expect a new trailer just yet, but we’re more than happy to see one. It’s been a bit of a dry period for the MCU as of late, so this double whammy – if it pans out – will be much appreciated. Not to mention it should also tide us over nicely until 2019 hits and the real marketing barrages for Avengers 4 and Captain Marvel begin.

In any case, we should know if all this plays out soon enough, but in the meantime, it’d be best to prepare yourself for what’s shaping up to be, as we said above, a truly unforgettable week.