New Rumor Insists That The Star Wars Sequel Trilogy Is Being Remade

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker

The constant back and forth over the status of the Star Wars Sequel Trilogy has provided plenty of entertainment for those who love a wild and unsubstantiated rumor that verges closer and closer to full-blown conspiracy theory territory with each passing day, and the repeated scuttlebutt that Episodes VII, VIII and IX will be remade in some fashion as a trio of Disney Plus miniseries continues to deliver the goods.

Infamous YouTuber Doomcock, who claims to have sources buried deep within Lucasfilm who apparently only relay information to him that surrounds The Force Awakens, The Last Jedi and The Rise of Skywalker being wiped from canon, has been at it again. After recently reporting for at least the sixth time that it was happening, the much more reputable Jason Ward of Making Star Wars called the speculation preposterous, based on the well-founded logic that the Sequel Trilogy made billions for the studio and continues to bring in merchandise revenue to this day.

Jon Favreau recently hinted that The Mandalorian will eventually begin pointing in the direction of The Force Awakens, but Doomcock isn’t having any of it. Apparently speaking for the entirety of the fanbase, he instead believes that the only way to save Star Wars is to burn the Sequel Trilogy to the ground and insists that these remakes are happening.

“All the messages that I am getting from my sources seem to point in the same direction that they are going to fix this mess,” he says.

“Favreau wasn’t lying. It all ends with the Sequel Trilogy. But that doesn’t mean the current version of the Sequel Trilogy. And that is the principle of ‘without respect, we reject’. Jon Favreau reveals his philosophy in that quote. Jon Favreau is one of us. Jon Favreau is taking into account what fans are saying. He is hearing us. And they are planning accordingly.

I don’t know how you can listen to that quote and not be encouraged that Jon Favreau, at least, is listening to fans. And we are saying we want the Sequel Trilogy erased. We want our Star Wars universe back. And I have faith, at least at this juncture, from my sources, from what Favreau himself has said, that Star Wars is moving in a direction that fans can live with again. Now it’s always possible that we are all being played, that they are stringing us along, and that this is all just going to tie into the Sequel Trilogy. But if that’s the case, Star Wars will be dead forever and fans will abandon them in droves.

All of you are going to have to just have faith. There is a plan in place and the fate of not only Star Wars, but also Marvel is riding on this plan. I can’t give any details on this at the moment, not while the pieces are still on the board. We will have to let this play out. But I assure you I will inform you when the time is right, no matter how good or bad it may be.”

Overlooking the hyperbolic nature of the YouTuber’s words, Jon Favreau is a Disney employee who gets paid by the company to deliver content that must first meet, and then pass, their approval. And having already made huge profits from the Sequel Trilogy, the boardroom more than likely don’t care in the slightest that some people are still unhappy about how the last three Star Wars movies turned out, never mind the massive expense that would be involved in redoing them even if they wanted to.