Justice League Features Lex Luthor Cameo To Set Up Man Of Steel 2


4Chan seems to be the gift that keeps on giving for DC fans who love to indulge in a bit of speculation.

The site’s latest load of unverified rumors about Justice League suggest what changes have been made to the upcoming team-up movie under the direction of Joss Whedon. Intriguingly, one claim contrasts with a previous rumor we’ve heard, which is that Jesse Eisenberg’s cameo as Lex Luthor has been cut. If this new report is to be believed though, then that’s simply not the case, as 4Chan is now alleging that Luthor will remain in the film, and here’s a description of what his scene consists of to prove it.

“Lex is still in the movie, gets out of Arkham for being rehabilitated, keeps the bald head drops the ticks, says he was forced to do it, batman and wonder woman finds him and forces him to help him, gives BM and WW a tip that the Scout ship says Superman can be brought back to life, a regeneration chamber, but he doesn’t know how long it will take. Batman then threatens him and they leave, Lex opens plans for his Warsuit and Bizzaro [sic]. It’s not really a long scene and it’s mostly for MoS2 setup.”

All things considered, this would actually be a pretty cool cameo for Lex in the movie. Judging by his time spent studying Kryptonian biology in Batman V Superman, it would make a lot of sense for him to know how to bring Superman back to life. Likewise, we would all like to see Eisenberg turn down the kookiness in his performance, and having his rough experiences in Arkham change his personality would be a clever way to do that.

However, there is more than a whiff of fan fiction about this description, so we wouldn’t put too much faith in it. The idea that the scene would set up Lex’s warsuit and the inclusion of Bizarro in Man of Steel 2 is awesome, but it seems like something a fan would like to see rather than what directors Zack Snyder and Whedon would actually include in their movie.

Still, we could be wrong. Let’s just hope that, whether Lex makes an appearance or not, Justice League lives up to all the hype surrounding it when the film arrives on November 17th.