Rumor: Just Cause Movie And Just Cause 3 In The Works

Fans of the Just Cause games may have something to celebrate and something to groan about if new rumors are to be believed in a report from The Hollywood Reporter.

The celebration comes in the way of a supposed Just Cause 3 being in the works. Nothing has been officially confirmed by distributors Square Enix or publisher Eidos Interactive, but given the amazing success of the last game, this isn’t terribly surprising.

The groaning comes from the rumor that a movie based on the protagonist, Rico Rodriguez, and his back story, is in production. The film will supposedly focus on how Rico became such a zip-line slinging, jet-surfing badass. The film is called Just Cause: Scorpion Rising.

I say groaning because it’s a well-known fact amongst the gaming community that movies based on games aren’t that great. Especially considering the two Eidos properties that have already been made into movies, Hitman and Tomb Raider, weren’t that great either.

What say you, gamers? Does this excite you? Disgust you?