RUMOR: Reverse-Flash Will Be The Villain Of The Flash, WB Planning Flashpoint Film


A glut of supposed leaks about future movies in the DC Extended Universe have just appeared on 4chan. If these allegations are to be believed, we can look forward to Supergirl turning up in Man of Steel 2, Nightwing being fast-tracked into production and the Joker showing up in Joss Whedon’s Batgirl movie.

Another rumour that’s sprung up from 4chan (via Reddit) today concerns The Flash, and it claims that both Robert Zemeckis and Matthew Vaughn are in contention to direct. We already knew that though, and so that’s not terribly surprising to hear. What is surprising, however, is the second part of the rumor, which you can see below.

“Robert Zemeckis and Mathew Vaughn, who was also offered the Man of Steel sequel, are the top candidates to direct The Flash. The studio wants the Reverse Flash as the main antagonist with the character returning for a Flashpoint film somewhere down the line.”

Now, we have to take all this with a hefty pinch – no, let’s make it a handful – of salt, but the idea that Reverse-Flash will be the central antagonist of the movie makes a lot of sense. Eobard Thawne is to Barry Allen’s Flash like what the Joker is to Batman, after all. Plus, some fans have already got their heart set on Legion star Dan Stevens playing the part at some point. As such, it wouldn’t be too crazy to have the character show up here. In fact, we’re fairly confident that he’ll be added to the DCEU eventually.

The juiciest piece of this “leak,” then, is the idea that DC are planning a Flashpoint movie further down the line. In the comics, Flashpoint saw Barry go back in time to save his mother and accidentally create an alternate dystopian timeline – one where Wonder Woman and Aquaman are at war, Bruce Wayne died as a kid and Superman has been locked up by the government since birth.

The storyline was previously adapted very faithfully for the Flashpoint Paradox animated movie and then very loosely for The Flash TV series. The comic book arc also kick-started the universe-wide reboot known as The New 52, so the story would be a gift to the movies if they ever wanted to make a clean start with continuity.

Again though, this all remains under the rumor category for now and given that the source is 4chan, there’s every chance that it’s nothing more than fan-faction. Still, it’s intriguing to think about and until we hear more, you can let us know what you think of Reverse-Flash being the villain of The Flash in the comments section down below.

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