Rumor Suggests Sony Is Eyeing Up Female-Led 21 Jump Street Spinoff


21 Jump Street

After delighting fans the world over with news of an all-female Ghostbusters film, Sony somewhat undercut the pre-emptive buzz by fast-tracking an all-male reboot of the the same property with the Russo brothers on board to direct. Fast forward a few months and its looks to be that the studio is planning the same tactic for its lucrative 21 Jump Street series – only in reverse.

With the characters of Schmidt and Jenko already well established on screen through both iterations, a report unearthed by the Tracking Board hints that Sony Pictures may be weighing up a potential all-female spinoff set within the Jump Street universe. The outlet stipulates that Broad City scribes Lucia Aniello and Paul W. Downs have been tapped, and that the adjacent project is currently incubating in the early stages of development.

Considering that 22 Jump Street pulled in an impressive $330 million, it appears as though the studio has gained a profound sense of confidence to transform the series into a brand, with the seemingly sure-fire hit of the somewhat inevitable 23 Jump Street – and all of those hilarious sequels teased during the sequels credits, of course – satisfying the core fanbase and achieving a healthy box office haul while this potential, female-led spinoff pushes the IP in what some would label a bolder direction.

Of course, 21 Jump Street boasted a solid cast of colorful characters including Dakota Johnson and Rye Rye, and if the spinoff were to seed a known face in order to draw in the established audience – say, Ice Cube’s hard-boiled Captain Dickson – then with the right crew behind the lens, there’s no reason that an all-female spinoff couldn’t carve out an audience to call its own.

Tell us, what do you make of a potential, all-female 21 Jump Street spinoff? Indeed, do you think the concept has a fighting chance amid the growing tendency to engineer franchises into shared universes? Let us know down below.

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