Rumor: TRON 3 Enters Production This Fall



Five years have passed since sci-fi sequel TRON: Legacy debuted in theaters, which means that now’s the perfect time to start production on its follow-up, right? Disney’s second jaunt into the Grid might have failed to ignite a positive response from critics or audiences, but that’s not going to stop the studio from pushing forward on a third entry in the TRON canon.

The news today hails from a non-movie-related source – local Canadian outlet VanCity Buzz. The outlet bagged the scoop from insiders, who leaked knowledge concerning the movie’s shoot. TRON 3 is expected to commence principal photography in Vancouver, B.C. this fall on October 5th. Whether or not either of this tidbit contains a scrap of truth is unknown, BUT, it’s worth bearing in mind that this info stems from a city-centric mag and not a movie blog.

That’s not all, either, as Garrett Hedlund is listed in the report as the sole franchise returnee. In Legacy, Hedlund played Sam, the son of the original movie’s leading man Kevin Flynn. For a long time, it’s been expected that Olivia Wilde, who played the badass Quora, and producer Bruce Boxleitner would reprise their roles if the studio greenlit another sequel.

What Van City Buzz did not mention was whether or not Legacy director Joseph Kosinski would also return. A long-time fan of all-things TRON, Kosinski has championed a second sequel to the studio, even going so far as to compare it to The Empire Strikes Back!

If Disney are truly pushing forward on TRON 3 this October, that may prove difficult for the filmmaker, who was recently connected to the Gran Turismo adaptation, gearing up over at Sony. Will today’s reveal prompt an official statement from the studio, or indeed Kosinski himself?

We’ll keep you posted if anything new comes to light.

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