Rumored Description Of First Captain America: Civil War Trailer

Iron Man vs. Captain America? How can you not be giddy with excitement for this one? Civil War will see the two aforementioned Avengers clash in a popular storyline taken right from the comics. And, if the source material is any indication, we're in for one hell of a film.


Take this with a massive grain of salt, but we may finally have a detailed description of the first Captain America: Civil War trailer, which will apparently be shown at D23 this weekend.

The report comes from Reddit, so again, it’s unclear exactly how accurate this is. Still, it’s interesting nonetheless and definitely worth reading over, as it mentions some pretty exciting things, like Black Panther fighting Cap, Spidey fighting Baron Zemo, an appearance from Ant-Man and more.


Check it out below and see what you think.

“The footage begins with General Thunderbolt Ross taking about registration act. It then cuts to a military team repelling down a building. We see a snowy forest. We see someone’s arm being injected. Close ups of Black Widow, Hawkeye and Scarlet Witch War Machine Fighting Wanda General Ross says “You either sign yourself over or this is your last stand!” We hear Captain America “We won’t stand for this!” Then Iron Man says “Then let’s fight! We see a skyscraper explode Captain America and Iron Man fight in a baseball field. We see Bucky hanging onto a helicopter. Black Widow and Falcon fighting. We see Black Panther fight Captain America.

Close up of Crossbones We see a closeup of someone’s legs walking (Baron Zemo) “You think your world can survive?” Says Zemo “Let’s Find Out” says Spider-Man We see a close up of Spider-Man fighting Baron Zemo (FAST FIGHTING MONTAGE) Vision destroys a helicopter. Hawkeye zip lining between buildings Ant-Man punches Vision. We see Crossbones and Captain America fight. “Everything you fought for will come crumbling down” says General Ross.

We see Martin Freemans characters driving a car Iron Man shoots Captain America We see Spider-Man swinging through buildings (it’s ever so brief but it looks like the suit will In fact be blue and red not black) Iron Man Punches Captain America Shield Cuts to the logo Captain America: Civil War.”

Honestly, it doesn’t sound entirely far-fetched, but again, seeing as it comes from Reddit, there really is no way to verify its authenticity. With D23 set to kick off tomorrow though, hopefully we’ll hear, or see, something a bit more official of the Captain America: Civil War front soon.