Rumored Details About Star Wars: Episode VII Villains Revealed


Before even diving into this one, I want to be very clear: The original source who is reporting this has a disclaimer on their site in big, bold letters saying that there’s a good chance this information might be incorrect and that they can’t say for sure it is any way accurate. So why bother writing about it at all? Well, because if true, these could be the first concrete details about the villains for Star Wars: Episode VII. Also, if this report is true, then there might be spoilers below. So if you’re trying to shield yourself, stop reading now.

The folks over at Making Star Wars say that they’ve talked to some people who work at Pinewood Studios, where a good chunk of the movie is being shot. None of these people have actually read the script, but the consensus seems to be that the villains are some sort of Jedi Hunters. They use lightsabers, they wear black and chrome (and have troopers who are dressed in similar outfits), and while they aren’t Sith themselves, they want to resurrect the Sith.

Whoa is right. I know that’s a lot to take in, but in reality, it doesn’t seem all that far-fetched. If part of the plot really does center on Luke training new Jedi (or just one Jedi), then what better villain than the Sith? We’ve already seen various faceless soldiers used to aid the villains throughout both trilogies, so it makes sense that we’d see another similar group this time around.

These rumored details are already leading people to comparisons to the Star Wars Rebels character The Inquisitor. MSW makes it clear that no one they spoke with ever used that name, but that definitely doesn’t mean it couldn’t still be a possibility.

But as always with these rumors, don’t put too much stock into them until we have official word. In fact, with the way J.J. Abrams operates, I would say you’re best off taking everything with a grain of salt until Star Wars: Episode VII hits theaters in December 2015.