Rumored Plot For Suicide Squad Surfaces


After occupying the streets of Toronto earlier this year, paving the way for a steady stream of set photos to find their way online, director David Ayer and his creative team are now in possession of a rough initial cut of Suicide Squad, and the next year or so will involve wrangling that vision into shape.

Indeed, Dawn of Justice may stand as the biggest DC property of 2016, but there’s a palpable crackle of excitement emanating from Task Force X’s big-screen debut, and many are beginning to piece together set photos and other trinkets to form an early, if incomplete version of what the film’s plotline could be.

We already know that Amanda Waller (Viola Davis) will be instrumental in bringing the black ops squad together in the first place, as she looks to assemble the baddest of the bad together to create the world’s most menacing supergroup. And now, Heroic Hollywood has unearthed the latest rumor for the story of Suicide Squad, which seemingly reveals the film’s lead villain.

Spoilers to follow….