Rumors Of Inception 2 Are Just Pie In The Sky, According To Joseph Gordon-Levitt


Inception 2 isn’t likely to happen – not now, and perhaps not ever, according to Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

When quizzed about the possibility of a sequel by one curious Twitter user (via Screen Rant), Gordon-Levitt laughed off the suggestion that Christopher Nolan was planning to get the crew back together for another mind heist.

First released in 2010, Inception is arguably one of Nolan’s greatest achievements – a fiercely original piece of work that is so meticulously crafted, it demands to be viewed multiple times in order to parse its labyrinthine plot. Dazzling viewers with intricate storylines is a common trait of Nolan’s, as is the director’s natural tendency to avoid retreading old territory. With the exception of The Dark Knight trilogy, ‘Christopher Nolan’ and ‘movie sequel’ are two terms that you’re unlikely to find nestled in the same sentence, so by that logic alone, Inception 2 has always been considered an unrealistic proposition.

Besides, why court Nolan back to the Inception universe, and thereby halt his output of new content (see: Dunkirk), only to risk ruining what many consider to be a modern classic? Don’t worry, though, because it’s very, very unlikely to happen, as Joseph Gordon-Levitt points out to one curious Twitterer.

So, there you have it; Inception 2 is pie in the sky, and perhaps that’s for the best. Next up for Christopher Nolan is the launch of WWII epic Dunkirk, which marches off the beaches and into theaters on July 21st. Joseph Gordon-Levitt, meanwhile, was last seen in Straight Outta Oz and Oliver Stone’s button-pushing biopic, Snowden. He’s currently attached to Wingmen and K Troop, Matthew Pearl’s historical drama involving one man’s revolt against the Ku Klux Klan.

Source: Twitter

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