Rumored Batvillain Cameos In Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice Revealed

Dawn Of Justice

The Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice rumor mill continues to crank out potential comic book mainstays who could be making the leap from page to screen. The production of Zack Snyder’s multi-hero caper has been plagued by intrepid fans and reporters keen to bag a scoop, and today we’ve another tidbit courtesy of Badass Digest.

This latest report from Digest’s Devin Faraci outlines a crop of possible villains slated to appear alongside the commandeering presence of Lux Luthor (Jesse Eisenberg). One previously-rumored baddie to serve Luthor is none other than KGBeast – a fan favourite who goes by the real name of Anatoli Knyazev.

Here’s the full scoop:

At any rate, one of Luthor’s agents has a name, and that name is Anatoli Knyazev. Hardcore fans will recognize that as the name of the KGBeast, a Batman villain introduced in 1988’s classic Ten Nights of the Beast storyline. In that story the Beast, an enhanced agent of the KGB, came to the US to kill ten targets, and he did it with extreme measures, including poisoning an entire 200 person dinner party to get one guy. He battled Batman to a standstill, and at one point when entangled in the Batrope the KGBeast cut off his own hand to escape. He of course put a cybernetic gun on the stump, as you do.