Rumours Swirl Around Additional Villain In Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice


Warning: May contain spoilers.

These next two months are where it gets tricky. You could say that we have, in a way, painted ourselves into a corner. In our impatience for Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice, we have been talking about it for almost two years now, making it seem like the longest film production in the history of mankind. But, this is the final countdown. We are just 10 weeks away from its release – and we must hold our nerve. The rumour-mill is picking up momentum, and we must be careful not to mix the wheat with the chaff.

Today’s big claim – which we view with coolly detached scepticism – can be traced back to Latino Review, and concerns the more villainous elements of the movie. Now, Zack Snyder has recently been discussing his distaste for spoilers, and also his sentiment regarding the reveal of Doomsday in the latest trailer – all of which confirm the fact that the ultimate killing machine is not the final ‘Big Bad’ in Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice. Frankly, that’s just common sense – for a film the size and scope of this one, of course the filmmakers are not going to show us the big reveal months ahead of time.


The thing is, in terms of DC comic book characters, Doomsday is a pretty epic villain – being the only one to ever actually kill Superman – so if he’s not the Big Bad, this movie must contain something truly mind-blowing in the final act. Latino Review seems pretty convinced it will be Bizarro and, re-watching the trailer with that in mind, it does make some kind of sense.

In the comic books, Bizarro is, essentially, the negative Superman. He is created when Lex Luthor uses a duplicating ray on Superman and seeks to control the clone for his own ends. Doomsday, on the other hand, is a creature from another planet, who just happens to awaken and go on the rampage.

If we now assume that all the dialogue in the preview footage actually refers to an unseen threat created by Luthor, and that Doomsday is simply a passing – albeit challenging – distraction, then Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice suddenly takes on an entirely new complexion, ahead of its March 25th, 2016 release.

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