Rupert Sanders To Direct Crime Drama 90 Church


Ever since his debut film, Snow White & The Huntsman, director Rupert Sanders has been lying low. I mean sure, he had that whole thing with Kristen Stewart but in terms of work, he hasn’t really committed to any new projects. He’s rumored for the Tom Cruise vehicle Van Helsing, as well as a space-set film titled The Juliet, among others, but now, according to Deadline, he’s finally signed on for his next directing gig and it will come in the form of 90 Church.

The film will be an adaptation of a true-crime tale that’s based on the novel by Agent Dead Unkefer. Breaking Bad writer/producer George Mastras will be penning the flick, which will tell “the true story of the early years of the DEA, when it was initially known as the Federal Bureau of Narcotics, and the tough tactics used by its relatively few agents in the 1960s and 1970s. ”

Sounds a bit like Gangster Squad, which isn’t exactly a good sign, but the involvement of both Mastras and Sanders is definitely a plus. Despite his debut feature not being that great on the whole, I do think the Sanders showed promise as a director and with some better material, I think he can deliver a much more polished final product.

As for Mastras, Breaking Bad is currently the best thing on television and seeing as he used to be a former criminal investigator, the script should be in good hands.

Tell us, what do you think of 90 Church? Does it sound appealing to you?