Russell Brand To Be Disembodied For Big Screen TV Adaptation

Deadline Hollywood reports that comedian Russell Brand will play the lead in Warner Bros. big-screen adaptation of popular British children’s TV show Rentaghost, which ran on the BBC for 8 seasons from 1976 to 1984.

Deadline’s description of the project makes it sound like a cross between 1988’s Beatle Juice, 1937’s Topper and 2008’s Ghost Town—a perfect fit, in other words, for the whacky Brand.  Brand will play a recently deceased slacker who’s determined to have a productive, accomplished afterlife.  To that end, he sets up a temp agency wherein he rents ghouls and ghosts to the living for a variety of purposes.  The agency turns out to be an extremely successful endeavor until one day things go horribly wrong…

Kevin McCormick of Langley Park Pictures is producing with Gail Berman and Lloyd Braun of BermanBraun; Brand will serve as executive producer on the film as well.

Brand also teamed with McCormick on the upcoming remake of 1981’s Arthur—another role that’s perfect for the lanky British comedian. That film, also starring Helen Mirren and Jennifer Garner, releases next year.