Russell Crowe Is Open To A Man Of Steel Prequel


Russell Crowe’s Twitter account is an interesting place. Usually he sticks to Tweeting his workout for the day, making it seem like all the Gladiator does is lift weights, but recently he answered some questions that fans had been Tweeting at him about an array of topics, including a Man Of Steel prequel. While he in no way said it’s something he’s pushing for, he did say that if the opportunity presented itself, he would give the tights another go.

His first Tweet was telling his followers to stop asking him that question and instead take their passion about a prequel to Legendary Pictures. He then went on to clarify that he isn’t opposed to it, he was just sick of seeing the same question over and over again. Check out that Tweet below.

Crowe’s performance as Jor-El was definitely one of the best parts of Man Of Steel. He successfully captured the essence of the character, and most of my favorite scenes were the ones where he appeared. That being said, I’m not sure if a prequel is the best route for Warner Bros. to go here.

While seeing a film completely set on Krypton, or at least with Kryptonians, would be awesome, there’s such a high demand for an ensemble film and films featuring other DC characters that it seems like all the focus should go in that direction. They should continue on with a trilogy for Man Of Steel, weave in a Batman reboot, a Wonder Woman film, a Flash film, and get ready for Justice League. 

Let me be clear, I’m not opposed to a prequel, I would for sure be there on opening night, it just isn’t my first choice for a future film set in the DC universe. That also doesn’t mean that Jor-El will never appear again, as Crowe can continue on in the role with more hologram appearances in future Man Of Steel films. Then again, a prequel is a much safer bet than say a Booster Gold film, so it’s a route I wouldn’t be surprised to see Warner take.

What do you think of a Man Of Steel prequel? Is that something you’d like to see? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.