Social Media Posts Herald Winter Soldier’s Return In Avengers: Infinity War


Although he’s yet to receive top billing in a movie distributed by Marvel Studios, Sebastian Stan’s Bucky Barnes has undoubtedly been one of the characters to watch as the onscreen saga unfolds. Having been thought dead after World War II, Captain America’s oldest and dearest friend was, as it turned out, brainwashed and used to do the bidding of Hydra for decades as the Winter Soldier. Since resurfacing in the present, he’s been a vital cog in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, with many fans expecting him to take on a greater role in the not too distant future – but more on that later.

Now, while we do fully expect Bucky to show up in Avengers: Infinity War, it’s still nice to receive little reassurances and teasers here and there on the road to the theatrical release. Speaking of which, the film’s directors, the Russo Brothers, recently dropped this nugget on Instagram:

Tootsie Roll and Winter Fresh, deep in the Serengeti.

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Seeing as how they’re shooting in an African setting, that likely signifies a return to Wakanda. So, knowing that Black Panther has been confirmed to put in an appearance, we can only hope that the filmmakers are logically picking up on the thread left dangling in Captain America: Civil War – that, of course, being Bucky left in a stasis tube under the care of T’Challa.

In addition to that, personal trainer Don Saladino posted this video showing him helping Stan get back into superhero shape:

Stan’s dedication is very much inspiring, doubly so when you consider that he may have to wield the shield on a more permanent basis before long, knowing that Chris Evans will be hanging up the tights with Avengers 4. This transition has come as expected by fans of the source material for years, so if it pans out, it’ll make this True Believer in particular glow with pride.

Avengers: Infinity War arrives in theaters on May 4, 2018.

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