Ryan Gosling Is Beaten To A Pulp In This Only God Forgives Still

Presumably jealous of the perfectly-formed face that God granted Ryan Gosling upon his birth, the marketing team for Only God Forgives have come together muttering phrases like “That’ll show ‘im” and released a new image of the Drive actor all banged up in Nicolas Winding Refn‘s new flick. The pity is that – despite the horrific nature of his wounds – Gosling’s inherent handsomeness shines through somehow, making the rest of us feel more like Matt Damon in Neill Blomkamp’s upcoming movie.

Only God Forgives, Gosling’s second movie with Refn, is set to take place in the world of Thai boxing, which nicely explains the reasons for the actor’s misshapen face here. Unless it doesn’t, and those wounds are from, like, a car crash or other plot point that I’ve conjured up this very second (probably the Thai boxing, though, isn’t it?). The plot apparently takes Gosling’s character on a revenge mission in Thailand as he attempts to get even for the death of his brother. The movie will no doubt have an electronic soundtrack, moments of extreme violence and a slightly pretentious feel, because that’s what Nicolas Winding Refn/Ryan Gosling movies do.

No official release date yet, but Only God Forgives will be out in 2013.

Source: First Showing