Ryan Gosling’s Lost River Drives Critics Bonkers At Cannes


Ryan Gosling, known for his effortless good looks and cool demeanour, has stepped behind the camera to tackle a new, scary creative challenge: directing. Let’s face it, he’s collaborated with enough of Hollywood’s finest directors to have gleaned sufficient knowledge of how to craft a unique compelling original flick. Nicolas Winding Refn, Derek Cianfrance, Terrence Malick, George Clooney (alright so his last one was dirge) – are but a few of the masters with whom he’s had chance to study. According to the critic backlash at Cannes though, he didn’t study hard enough before churning out Lost River.

His directorial debut premiered at the festival last night, receiving critical confusion moreso than obvious negative jibes. Starring Doctor Who‘s Matt Smith and Gosling’s Drive co-star Christina Hendricks, the film has stirred up critics who caught it into a frenzy. The most common comparisons are to Refn and the brilliantly-bizarre David Lynch – citing both as clear influences on the first time director.

Taking place in “the surreal dreamscape of a vanishing city,” Lost River follows a single mum and her son, who discovers an entrance to an underwater world. “Surreal dreamscape” sounds definitely a smidgen Lynchian – but we already knew that, as star Matt Smith made the same comparison last year after reading the script. From what little footage is available online, there’s an undoubted sense of mood that harks back to Lynch’s Blue Velvet, and according to critics – it didn’t pay off.

Check out a selection of Tweets straight out of the press box at Cannes, and let us know: will you be lining up to see Lost River in theatres?

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