Ryan Reynolds Honors Canada’s Day With Two New Deadpool 2 Photos


For such an eclectic cast of X-Men wannabees and supercharged mutants, Rob Delaney’s regular old Peter soon became the breakout star of Deadpool 2 due to his wonderfully modest nature.

He has no powers to speak of, mind you, but that doesn’t curb his enthusiasm – nor does it discourage the Merc With a Mouth from welcoming Peter into the X-Force, where he joins the likes of Shatterstar, Bedlam, Domino, and the vomit-spewing Zeitgeist.

The duo clearly hit it off behind the scenes, too, as Ryan Reynolds took to Twitter just yesterday to share a new pic of Rob Delaney’s unlikely hero in honor of Canada Day. Going one step further, the Deadpool 2 marketing team also unveiled a close-up of a battle-ready Merc via Instagram (h/t ComicBook.com) replete with the caption: “Happy day to the great country who gave us Ryan Reynolds.”

All throughout the sequel’s PR campaign, the marketing team at Fox never missed a beat, whether it involved a Thanksgiving-themed poster or an entire sketch dedicated to Bob Ross, so this latest piece of promo material is certainly keeping in line with everything else we’ve seen.

To honor Canada’s “rich musical history,” Deadpool 2 even struck up a collaboration with Celine Dion for “Ashes,” the old-school power ballad that played during the opening of David Leitch’s comic book sequel. And now that the Merc has avoided the sophomore slump with ease, next comes the tricky ensemble project, as Fox and Drew Goddard are already making serious headway on their planned X-Force movie. Expect that one to go before the cameras before the year’s end.

At $719 million worldwide, Deadpool 2 has truly cemented its place in the box office pantheon – even if it falls just short of its record-breaking processor ($783M) when all is said and done.

Source: Instagram