Ryan Reynolds already on damage control after Hugh Jackman potentially leaks ‘Deadpool 3’ title

hugh jackman ryan reynolds deadpool 3
Screengrab via YouTube/Ryan Reynolds

Marvel Cinematic Universe spoilers are an inevitable fact of life, with everyone from Tom Holland to Mark Ruffalo accidentally dropping bombs way ahead of time, but we expected better from the consummate professional that is Hugh Jackman, after the actor may have leaked the title for Deadpool 3.

In his defense, Ryan Reynolds has already stoked the flames of speculation when he referred to the upcoming R-rated comic book adaptation as “the Deadpool and Wolverine film” instead of plain old Deadpool 3, and there are potentially a billion marketing reasons why Jackman’s adamantium-infused mutant would get his name in the title, too.

Naturally, the internet was instantly sent into a tizzy when the affable Aussie made what may or may not be a guffaw, but his online arch-nemesis was instantly plunged into damage limitation mode, with Reynolds wasting no time in hopping onto the bandwagon to try and stem the flow of scuttlebutt.

To be honest, Wolverine and Deadpool (or Wolverine & Deadpool, or however you want to punctuate it) would be a fine title, one that makes it clear which A-list superheroes are fronting the story, while also leaning into the classic odd couple adventure we’ve already been conditioned to expect.

Unfortunately, one of the downsides may be that Jackman and Reynolds have another reason to troll each other if the former has indeed given the game away ahead of schedule, but we’re sure they can work through their issues in the name of our entertainment, and it’ll probably even get worked into the screenplay somehow.