Ryan Reynolds Answers Your Questions About Free Guy In New Clip

Free Guy
Image via 20th Century Studios

As one of those highly anticipated pics that repeatedly got pushed back, people are eagerly waiting for the release of Ryan Reynolds’ Free Guy, if for no other reason than that the star behind Fox’s Deadpool plays the main protagonist.

The film takes place in an open-world video game, where the star plays an NPC (non-playable character.) But after the devs update the code, “Guy” becomes aware that his world isn’t real. As a result, he takes steps to make himself the hero of the story, setting in motion events that’ll have him racing against time to save the game before the company can shut it down.

Free Guy will also feature cameos from several high-profile streamers, including Ninja, Jacksepticeye, DanTDM, and Pokimane, not to mention appearances from Dwayne Johnson, John Krasinski, and last but not least, Hugh Jackman. Indeed, the latter is perhaps the most exciting addition to Shawn Levy’s new movie, given Reynolds’ history with the Logan star.

The actor himself has been actively promoting Free Guy as well, sharing many posts and snippets on social media platforms, the most notable of which was a crossover with the MCU featuring Deadpool and Korg, thanks to Thor: Ragnarok director Taika Waititi who also stars in the film.

Now, Reynolds has taken the time to answer the internet’s most searched questions about his flick, though not in the fashion that you’re most accustomed to before a movie’s release. Check it out below:

How commercially successful or critically acclaimed Free Guy will pan out is anyone’s guess right now, but due to its star-studded cast, we’re willing to bet that the flick will manage to rope in quite a few cinemagoers on August 13th.