Ryan Reynolds Broke A Very Famous X-Men Prop While Filming Deadpool 2


There’s a moment in Deadpool 2, right around the time when the Merc is under house arrest in the X-Mansion, when the entire core cast of Days of Future Past make a very quick (and ruddy brilliant) cameo.

It’s a stroke of genius on David Leitch’s part, as we can’t imagine how many schedules he had to juggle just to get so many big names in the same room for one very brief scene.

But it seems Ryan Reynolds has a confession to make: while shooting at the X-Mansion, he accidentally broke a very famous prop. We’ll give you a clue, it typically rests on Patrick Stewart’s (or James McAvoy’s) head and gives its user near-unlimited access to the world’s mutant population.

That’s right, as Reynolds admitted on the Deadpool 2 commentary track (h/t ComicBook.com), he snapped… Cerebro.

Leitch: “It always appealed to us, the idea of him misusing Cerebro essentially, not knowing what it’s actually for.”

Reynolds: “That was an actual accident on the day. I didn’t mean to do that at all. It just snapped.”

Leitch: “So you actually broke a historical X-Men prop.”

Reynolds: “Oh great. Great! I’ll get a strongly written letter from Patrick Stewart.”

The device itself was actually destroyed during X-Men: Apocalypse – not that that had much of an effect on Deadpool 2, mind you, given the Merc’s adventures typically exist in their own unique pocket of the wider X-Men universe. So perhaps Professor X won’t be too angry about Ryan Reynolds’ gaffe?

In all seriousness, we know that Deadpool 2 is making its way onto Blu-ray and DVD on August 21st, when you’ll be able to pore over the commentary track, not to mention all the other great bonus content that’s included, until your heart’s content.