Ryan Reynolds Calls For A “Regularly Scheduled Tickle Fight” After Deadpool Misses Out On Oscar Nod


Despite scoring nominations from the Critics’ Choice Awards and the Golden Globes, along with the WGAs and PGAs, earlier today we learned that Deadpool ultimately lucked out of the 89th Academy Awards, after Tim Miller’s R-rated romp was snubbed from all major categories.

Perhaps ‘snubbed’ is too strong a word in this context – a Best Picture nod was always a long shot, even by the Merc With a Mouth’s standards – but in light of Deadpool missing out on the opportunity to go toe-to-toe with the likes of La La Land, Moonlight and Manchester By the Sea, Ryan Reynolds has reacted much like his on-screen alter-ego. Indeed, if a “crazy reaction” was in store had the movie been nominated, Reynolds has now called for a “regularly scheduled tickle fight” in the Deadpool camp.

Per Twitter:

Even without the Oscar nod, Deadpool will no doubt go down as one of 2016’s more memorable success stories. Its impressive performance on this year’s awards circuit resulted in a string of prestigious nominations – particularly the recognition from the Writer’s Guild Awards – but being shortlisted for this year’s Best Picture Oscar ultimately proved a bridge too far.

Beyond that, Deadpool 2 is slowly beginning to coalesce under John Wick co-director David Leitch. The search for Cable continues unabated, it seems, and that’s even when you factor in the furore over Ryan Reynolds’ recent (innocuous?) meeting with one Pierce Brosnan. Could the former 00 agent really be in contention to play the sequel’s chief antagonist? Who knows, but Brosnan would certainly look the part.

Source: Twitter