Ryan Reynolds And Daniel Bruhl To Join Helen Mirren In The Woman In Gold


Not too long ago, we heard about an interesting project called The Woman In Gold. It was set to star Helen Mirren with Andrew Garfield joining her in a supporting role. Today, the film is making headlines again but it appears that there’s been some casting shake-ups. Deadline is reporting that Ryan Reynolds and Daniel Bruhl will be taking parts in the film. There’s no mention of Garfield in the news story and considering that Reynolds is set for the role that the young actor was supposed to take, I think it’s safe to assume that the current Spider-Man is now out.

The Woman in Gold will be directed by Simon Curtis and tell the true story of Maria Altmann, “a Jewish survivor of WWII, who fought the Austrian government to get back several paintings by Gustav Klimt that were pilfered from her family during wartime.” Reynolds is set for the role of her lawyer and Bruhl will be his adversary.

I’m not familiar with Altmann’s story, but it sounds like some stirring material that could make for an excellent film, especially with a powerful presence like Mirren in the lead role. Reynolds and Bruhl are enjoyable talents as well, and together, the trio should ensure that The Woman In Gold sees a bit of action come awards season.

With the film set to start shooting next month, we’ll likely be hearing more on the casting front soon. When we do, we’ll be sure to let you know.

Source: Deadline

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