Ryan Reynolds’ daughter ‘directs’ his latest ad, and he has some notes for her

Photo by Amy Sussman/Getty Images.

At this point, Ryan Reynolds should just give up acting in Hollywood blockbusters and become a full-time ad man.

Reynolds’ latest attempt in this domain is a new ad for Mobile Mint, an American telecommunications company that he partially owns. The hilarious twist is that one of Ryan Reynolds’ daughters, maybe the five-year-old Inez, is supposedly the one on directing duty and actually doing a pretty decent job of it, all things considered.

Ryan Reynolds might be using the pretext of keeping costs to a minimum as the premise of this ad, but when you really think about it, that’s actually what he’s doing, production-wise. Way to be meta about your own work, eh? Then again, we expect nothing less from the actor who has risen to prominence through portraying the Regenerating Degenerate in the Fox’s – now Disney’s – superhero film franchise.

As for Inez, well, no wonder she’s a Taylor Swift muse.

The Deadpool star has been building an extensive portfolio of hilarious ads that perfectly integrate his peculiar comedic style and continually become viral on the internet. Whether it’s his fake feud with fellow Hugh Jackman finding its way to Aviation Gin ads, or a crossover between the eponymous actor’s Laughing Man Coffee and Reynolds’ ventures, we can always count on these short advertisements to give us a good chuckle.