Ryan Reynolds Jokes About Deadpool 2’s Scrapped Titles


Deadpool: Electric Boogaloo, anyone?

Out of all the subtitles considered for Fox and David Leitch’s Deadpool 2, that was supposedly the one that made it through to the vetting stage, only for Leitch and his team to settle on a plain and straightforward title for the Merc’s second coming.

But what about the other contenders? Well, during a recent interview with BBC Radio 1 (h/t ComicBook.com), Wade Wilson himself, Ryan Reynolds, recalled some of the subtitles that were considered early on in the creative process, and they’re every bit as weird and wonderful as you’d expect.

Deadpool: Escape From Unicorn Mountain. Deadpool: Electric Boogaloo. Deadpool: Suburban Commando 2. We had a ton of them. Like, honestly, a hundred of them. I think it was just so kind of amusing to read them all, that we just sort of forgot to actually put one of them on the thing. I remember, I kept getting emails from one of the studio executives, saying ‘Have you settled on a name for the movie?’ And I was like ‘Deadpool 2? That sounds great.’

‘Deadpool: The Second Coming’ was floated as a possible title as well, though as the sequel’s release date drew near, it became clear that 20th Century Fox had settled on Deadpool 2 – even if ‘Electric Boogaloo’ came pretty damn close.

Reynolds continued:

I know Electric Boogaloo had its moment. Which would’ve been really fun. I think that’s the only one that really got through to anybody].

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Source: BBC Radio 1