One Of Ryan Reynolds’ Best Movies Is Dominating Netflix Today

Ryan reynolds

If the only criteria we judge it by is the Rotten Tomatoes rating, then Detective Pikachu is the greatest video game adaptation of all-time, with no console-to-screen translation ever exceeding its 68% score. While that’s entirely subjective and based on personal preference, it can’t be argued that the Pokémon blockbuster is the second-highest-grossing effort in the genre’s history after earning $433 million, and it made more money than any other project where Ryan Reynolds takes top billing outside of the Deadpool duology.

In fact, Warner Bros. were so confident Detective Pikachu would be a success that the studio placed a sequel into active development four months before the opener even hit theaters. While their predictions were right on the money, star Justice Smith recently revealed that he doesn’t think the next installment will ever get around to happening, but he’s keeping his fingers crossed regardless.

There were more than few raised eyebrows from Pokémon fans when it was announced that out of all the content comprising the sprawling mythology, Detective Pikachu was the one chosen as the basis for the property’s live-action bow. Admittedly, it seemed like a strange decision at the time, but the critical and commercial response fully vindicated such a bold call, opting to tell a rather standard father and son story that just so happens to take place in a fantastical world where creatures with unique powers are an accepted part of society.

Detective Pikachu is now in the midst of experiencing a renaissance on Netflix, having ascended to thirteenth place on the most-watched chart, so there’s evidently an audience out there that would love to see the adventures of Tim Goodman and his companion continue.