Ryan Reynolds Reportedly Wants To Make Sure Female Stars Get Equal Pay In Deadpool 3


Hollywood has recently seen a welcome push for female actors to be paid the same as male actors. This has been a battleground for a while, with many noting that blockbusters generally see the men that star in them earn millions of dollars more than the women. Many actors have pledged to do something about it, and now we’re hearing from insider Daniel Richtman that Ryan Reynolds is fighting for Deadpool 3 to have equal pay.

Over on his Patreon account, here’s what he shared:

“[He] wants to make sure female stars in DP3 get fair and equal pay.”

Of course, Reynolds has previously indicated his commitment to this cause. In a 2019 interview with Marie Claire, he said he was convinced by watching the studio treatment of his wife Blake Lively, saying:

“It’s absolutely something that needs to be addressed. It’s a multi-faceted problem because it’s not just in film it’s in many industries. It’s frustrating. I watch my wife go through it, I watch her deal with that to a certain extent and I want for her what I’ve benefitted from for years. There needs to be some equality.”

The star may have also been influenced by working on Red Notice with Dwayne Johnson and Gal Gadot. According to similar reports, Johnson fought to get Gal Gadot pay parity with himself and Reynolds, resulting in the trio each walking away with $20M for their performances in the upcoming Netflix Original.

So, how might it work with Deadpool 3? Well, right now we don’t know anything about the film’s cast save that Reynolds is featuring as Wade Wilson. Complicating matters is that it’ll see him jump from Fox’s X-Universe to the MCU, meaning any stars of Deadpool 2 may be left behind. However, if anyone was to come with him, it’d be Zazie Beetz as Domino. Equality for her and Reynolds could mean a substantial cut in his salary, though the actor has been known to make financial sacrifices to do what he feels is right.

It’s also possible that this might refer to existing MCU stars appearing in the pic. It remains to be seen how Deadpool will get into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but Elizabeth Olsen’s Scarlet Witch seems like she could be involved considering her power set. And if Olsen makes it into the movie in a large role, she’d be a prime candidate for this boost.

Deadpool 3 is still a long way away, but let’s hope we hear some gossip as to what it’ll be about soon. In the meantime, if this proves true, then good for Reynolds for putting his money where his mouth is and using his clout in a positive way.