Ryan Reynolds Reportedly Signed On For Free Guy Trilogy

Free Guy
Image via 20th Century Studios

Ryan Reynolds has watched many more franchises collapse than he’s managed to remain a part of, which isn’t the sort of statistic you’d expect to weigh around the neck of such a popular star, but it’s true.

The actor was once pegged to reprise his Blade: Trinity role as Hannibal King opposite Jessica Biel’s Abigail Whistler in a Nightstalkers spinoff before those plans were abandoned, while his debut as Deadpool in Hugh Jackman’s first solo outing as Wolverine saw the entire X-Men Origins experiment canned after the movie was widely panned by critics.

Green Lantern has more than spoken for itself, a Safe House sequel was announced in September 2012 and never made it any further along than that, R.I.P.D. was designed to launch a multi-film series but ended in disaster, a second Detective Pikachu doesn’t appear to be happening, and Netflix recently confirmed that 6 Underground will remain a one-and-done.

That leaves Deadpool and Hitman’s Wife’s Bodyguard as the star’s only ongoing franchises, but a new report claims that the 44 year-old is already in talks with Disney and 20th Century Studios for a third Free Guy. Now, we should point out that a second chapter hasn’t been given the green light and isn’t officially in development, but the report takes this information as gospel and runs with it.

Reynolds revealed that Disney want a sequel, but that’s all the information that’s been made public so far, and you’d have to image box office numbers, VOD sales and Disney Plus viewership will be integral to determining whether or not a whole Free Guy trilogy is worth the investment, especially when it’s literally only been one week since the movie was released.