Ryan Reynolds Reportedly Thinking About Directing Deadpool 4

Ryan reynolds

Now that Deadpool 3 has finally been confirmed as a canonical part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe that will retain the R-rating of its predecessors, putting one round of speculation to bed, the talk has turned to who will be steering the ship and bringing it to life. The Molyneux sisters are currently hard at work on the script, with Ryan Reynolds expected to have a significant input as he has in the past, but finding someone to sit in the director’s chair is the next major step.

After all, the person behind the camera usually tends to board a project about the time that the first draft of the screenplay is being written, and if the Merc with a Mouth’s MCU debut is hoping to get in front of cameras before the end of 2022, a decision will need to be made in the relatively near future. If he wasn’t booked solid with Thor: Love and Thunder and Star Wars, you can’t help but think that Taika Waititi’s irreverent sensibilities and familiarity with the Marvel/Disney setup would make him the ideal candidate, but names including Robert Rodriguez and Shawn Levy have been rumored instead.

However, insider Daniel Richtman is looking even further ahead than that, as he claims that Reynolds is interested in directing Deadpool 4 himself, which would be both a long shot and a massive gamble. After all, Kevin Feige has never once handed the reins of a superhero blockbuster to a first-time director, while the Canadian star hasn’t even helmed so much as a commercial. Neither has he publicly shown much interest in wielding the megaphone.

It would be a risk if it were to happen, but Deadpool 3 still doesn’t have a director yet, so it’s far too early to even be considering what comes next for the self-aware assassin’s adventures in the MCU.