Ryan Reynolds Reportedly Wants Veto Power On All Deadpool Related Matters In MCU

Ryan reynolds

Only one man calls the shots in regards to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and Kevin Feige has more than earned that right after taking an upstart and unproven studio that had never produced one of their own movies before and turning the MCU into the single most lucrative franchise in the history of cinema, pioneering the unprecedented shared storytelling model that almost every major outfit in Hollywood has tried to replicate at least once.

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is very much a collaborative environment, now more than ever before given that it’s virtually bulletproof on a creative and commercial level these days, but insider Daniel Richtman offers up the intel that Ryan Reynolds wants the power to veto any and all decisions relating to Deadpool, essentially giving him complete creative control over the character.

Reynolds may have steered the Merc with a Mouth through a dozen years of development hell before starring in and producing a pair of monster box office hits, as well as getting a writing credit on the sequel, but joining the Disney empire is an entirely different ballgame. The actor is no doubt going to be heavily involved in every aspect of Deadpool 3 from the script to the cast via whoever ends up directing, but he doesn’t own the character or the property, so seeking the ability to overrule the bossman might be pushing things a little too far.

Robert Downey Jr. had a huge say in the direction of Tony Stark’s character arc, but even he couldn’t veto any decisions made at a boardroom level, although the massive amounts of cash he was being paid surely helped placate any theoretical creative issues. In any case, Deadpool is just one small cog in a very large machine, and his MCU debut is still a long way away yet, but it’ll certainly be interesting to see how the two parties get along during development and production.