Ryan Reynolds responds to Francis Ford Coppola’s ‘Deadpool’ praise


The legendary Francis Ford Coppola received flack after criticizing superhero films in 2019 but has just revealed he actually likes Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool movies, and now Reynolds himself made himself known.

The tweet from The Adam Project star comes on the heels of an interview The Godfather filmmaker did with Variety on Sunday, ahead of his ceremony for a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. In it, Coppola revealed he thought Deadpool was great, while reminding the public it is important for artists to take risks and make cinema that looks at life alongside the blockbuster efforts, too.

“I liked Deadpool, I thought it was amazing. Cinema is supposed to illuminate contemporary life, and make us understand what’s going on. So, we need the artists to give us a vision of what’s going on.”

People are responding positively to Reynolds’ tweet and Coppola’s original comments. Several people posted images from the 2016 Wade Wilson adventure where he looks for a character named Francis to claim proof.

Others indicated their excitement for Deadpool 3 and, according to one fan, a famous Coppola moment would not have phased the famous mutant comic character one bit.

We’ll find out if a tribute to Coppola is in the third film when the Shawn Levy-directed piece gets a release date. It does not yet have one as of now but will be in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and is set to be rated R like its predecessors.

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