Ryan Reynolds Reveals Which Two Items He Kept From Deadpool 2


Having taken the motion picture adaptation of Deadpool fundamentally upon himself – since before director Tim Miller was given “a low-six-figure budget” by 20th Century Fox to produce some test footage, which happened to “accidentally leak” online in July 2014 – should anyone be allowed to keep memorabilia from the production of Deadpool 2, it would be Ryan Reynolds.

In the midst of his foul-mouthed mercenary leading the studio to another successful R-rated farce, to the tune of $519 million thus far, Reynolds has revealed that he kept two items from the production of the recent sequel:

“I kept the blue crocs, also known as the big rubber masturbating boots” said Reynolds, but “mainly the suit is the biggest one, I kept the suit.”

Coincidentally enough, as Deadpool 2 was busily eclipsing the half-billion dollar mark the other day, we learned that another of the year’s biggest blockbusters, Solo: A Star Wars Story, can officially consider the figure in question a pipe dream, at best, when all’s said and done at the box office. Something DP2 director, David Leitch, commented on while basking in the sunlight of success.

Surprisingly, it hasn’t been all sunshine and lollipops for Wade Wilson’s second outing, as it didn’t manage to outstrip its predecessor for the highest-grossing R-rated opening. Nevertheless, the sequel did outdo the first Deadpool in one arena, smashing the opening day record for an R-rated film with $53.3 million in North America.

Thanks to a strong second weekend ($42.7M), Deadpool 2 has more than made back the $110 million it cost to produce the pic and officially climbed into the top ten highest grossing R-rated releases in box office history. Plus, the coming weeks look to be fairly strong as well for the Merc, putting Reynold’s beloved anti-hero in reaching distance of The Hangover Part II‘s ($586.7 million) record for biggest comedy sequel ever.

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