Ryan Reynolds Shares Photo Of His First Time Wearing The Deadpool Costume


When Ryan Reynolds was announced to play Wade Wilson in 2009’s X-Men Origins: Wolverine, I’m reasonably certain that none of us thought the filmmakers would’ve so drastically missed the mark when it came to that character. I mean, the sarcasm and badassery he’s known for were on display near the beginning of the flick, but who in the hell thought it’d be a good idea to seal up the Merc with a Mouth’s piehole and essentially turn him into Mortal Kombat‘s Baraka in the third act?

Fortunately, all of that was rectified when Reynolds stayed on to reboot the character in the first solo Deadpool picture in 2016. Not only was it a tremendous representation of the irreverent anti-hero himself, but the costume enjoyed a nice page-to-screen adaptation. In other words, it looked like what True Believers would expect to see in live action, yet had a tactical and practical appearance.

No doubt due to still having DP on the brain (we mean the character, not the other thing), Reynolds shared a treat with us all on Instagram by posting a photo capturing the moment he first donned the iconic threads, which you can view below.

Not being one to lose his sense of humor, here’s how Ryan captioned the image:

 “2015. First time trying on the suit. It was so clean back then. So innocent. We both were.”

Of course, the classic red and black color scheme is on display, but I must confess that I’d been pondering whether he’d go grey for the upcoming X-Force. To my surprise, Deadpool 2 contained a crafty way to work that in near the end of the film, so where the costuming department goes from here is anyone’s guess. Either way, this is a cool piece of visual trivia we’ve been able to take in today.

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