Ryan Reynolds Shares New Behind-The-Scenes Photo In Deadpool Costume

Deadpool Korg Free Guy

The internet was gifted a surprise treat earlier today when Ryan Reynolds shared a promotional video for his upcoming film, Free Guy, which starred none other than everyone’s favorite superhero, Deadpool. But this time, Deadpool was accompanied by a star from the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), Korg.

While not related to Deadpool 3, the clip had huge significance as it was the very first time that the Deadpool character had appeared since Disney’s acquisition of Fox and also the first time with a connection to the MCU. As you’d expect, fans were ecstatic to see this. Reynolds was just as excited to show it, and he shared with fans some behind-the-scenes pics from the filming of this promo.

Along with a professionally shot image of him in the outfit, Reynolds shared with fans that taking the iconic Deadpool suit home before realizing that Disney now owns Deadpool. In his next post, Reynolds informed fans in classic Deadpool style that he’d taken it anyways.

Who can blame Reynolds for doing so, this would be the very first time for him to put on the outfit since production wrapped on the box office hit Deadpool 2 back in 2018. Fans have been eagerly waiting for its follow-up, Deadpool 3, but as of right now, the film is still in early production and has no release timeframe set.

Free Guy will hit theatres on Aug. 13 and stars both Deadpool star Ryan Reynolds, as well as fellow MCU alumni Taika Waititi, who voices Korg.