Ryan Reynolds Spoiled Deadpool 2’s Ending Before It Came Out


You’ll remember that, in typical Deadpool fashion, Ryan Reynolds shared a message earlier this month that encouraged fans to keep spoilers for Deadpool 2 to a minimum on social media, all while mocking a similar post that the Russo brothers made about Avengers: Infinity War. He even topped it off with his own variation on the #ThanosDemandsYourSilence hashtag: #DeadpoolDemandsYourSisterSorryStupidAutoCorrectSilence.

Now that we’ve seen the film, though, it turns out that Reynolds actually spoiled the ending of Deadpool 2 himself while telling fans not to spoil it. Specifically, he let slip the Merc with a Mouth’s heroic sacrifice in the movie’s third act. The key line in the letter he shared is:

“Cause it’d be super lame to spoil the fact that Deadpool dies in this one. Kidding. Not kidding. Kidding?”

Obviously, this spoiler hiding in plain sight was simply judged to be a joke – after all, “the main character dies” is fake spoilers 101. Especially considering that the letter was mocking Infinity War. However, it turns out that Reynolds was actually “not kidding” about this particular bit of information.

That said, it’s weirdly not the worst thing to spoil about the film, as Deadpool 2‘s opening moments kind of drop this same spoiler. In DP’s introductory narration, he moans that Wolverine’s tragic death in Logan has forced him to up his game for the sequel, meaning that he’ll have to die as well.

And sure enough, come the end of the movie, Wade Wilson takes a bullet meant for Russell. Seeing as he has a special collar that represses mutant powers on at the time, it proves fatal. But thankfully, this isn’t really it for the anti-hero, as Cable’s able to travel back in time to save him. So in the end, Deadpool 2 did actually manage to one-up Wolverine, as Hugh Jackman certainly didn’t come back to life in Logan.

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