Ryan Reynolds And Taika Waititi Try To Forget They Were In Green Lantern


The promotion for the upcoming movie Free Guy has begun, with the film’s stars, which include Ryan Reynolds and Taika Waititi along with Jodie Comer and Joe Keery recently filming a Meet the Cast video for YouTube. Both Reynolds and Waititi are known for their sense of humor and fans are naturally excited to see the two sharing the same screen. We get a taste of their chemistry in this little promo clip, too, as things start off ordinarily before taking a hilarious turn when Reynolds and Waititi’s last film together, Green Lantern, gets mentioned.

The duo start off the gag by expressing their admiration for each other and talking about how much they’d been actively searching for a project to work on together, and how thrilled they were to finally be collaborating on the same movie and in each other’s company. This causes Comer and Keery to exchange confused glances, especially after the other two repeatedly emphasize that this is the first time they’re working together.

Comer finally interrupts them by hesitantly asking “Didn’t you guys do a movie together?” The two deny the claim, causing Keery to also wade into the issue and mention the color green. Reynolds and Waititi then double down harder on the denial, listing any movie with the word green in it other than Green Lantern.

Finally, the actual title of the disastrously received superhero movie is spoken out loud, and the next shot reveals that Reynolds and Waititi have simply disappeared from their seats, rather than risk having to talk about a film that was considered a very low point in both their careers. It’s a pretty funny moment that fans will no doubt get a kick out of and considering that the two are today best known for their involvement and success with superhero projects, it’s probably not the last time the name Green Lantern will be invoked during the promotion for Free Guy.