Ryan Reynolds And Taika Waititi Joke That They’ve Never Heard Of Green Lantern

Green Lantern

Ryan Reynolds and Taika Waititi have both gone on to find success in the superhero world, but just under a decade ago they also starred in one of the biggest stinkers that comic book movie cinema has ever served up. Before they were Deadpool and Korg in the Marvel universe, the pair appeared in DC’s Green Lantern back in 2011. Or did they? Ask them now, and they don’t seem to remember making the pic.

While chatting with Total Film to promote their latest collaboration, Reynolds was asked whether working with Waititi on GL helped get him on board for new movie Free GuyThe Deadpool star hilariously reacted with confusion at the idea that they’d shared the screen before.

“I’ve never met him. I still can’t quite figure out how we got him for this. He just sort of said ‘yes’ right away.”

Waititi then joined in, revealing his own bout of convenient memory loss. “What’s the project you’re talking about? I’ve never heard of it,” the now Oscar-winning filmmaker said.

Coming clean about his feelings on being involved with the infamous movie, Waititi went on to say that he thinks it’s better to engage with the jokes about a flopped project rather than being sniffy about it and pretending it never happened.

“No, that type of thing is great, because Ryan and I have both got a similar sense of humour in regards to things like that,” he explains. “I find it really funny that I did that film. The thing is, it’s like when people shy away from things, and they don’t want to admit they’ve done something, or they don’t ever reference it, I find it worse… If you pretend it never happened, then it makes it kind of weird and uncomfortable for everyone.”

That said, he still won’t admit out loud to being in Green Lantern, saying:

“I still don’t have any idea what that project is. I’m not entirely sure which one you’re talking about.

Of course, pretty soon Reynolds will be part of the MCU, too, with Deadpool 3 on the way from Marvel Studios. Maybe Wade Wilson and Korg will crossover at some point and we can finally have a proper superhero flick with these two in it?