Watch: Ryan Reynolds Teams Up With Rick Moranis For Hilarious New Ad

Ryan Reynolds

Ryan Reynolds has managed to coax beloved 80s actor Rick Moranis out of retirement for a hilarious new ad for his mobile network company, Mint Mobile. The Ghostbusters star has been famously retired from Hollywood since the 90s, when he elected to focus on raising his children. In recent years, he’s appeared in the odd project here and there, but nothing major. Now, though, the Deadpool actor has got him back for this commercial just to give us something to smile about in 2020.

This morning, Reynolds dropped the ad online on his Twitter account. “Today @Mintmobile is launching unlimited for just $30 AND bringing back Rick Moranis,” he said in his caption. “Suck it, 2020.”  

The ad is promoting Mint Mobile’s new offer of unlimited service for just $30. “It’s hard to believe that Mint Mobile has gone so long without an unlimited plan,” Reynolds says in the video. “So to introduce it we’ve brought in an actor we’ve all gone too long without.” Moranis then enters and it transpires that Reynolds hasn’t prepared anything for him to say – he just wanted the opportunity to tell him he’s a big fan.

In his typical style, Reynolds has already dropped a tongue-in-cheek ad for Mint Mobile. Last month, he jokingly announced the launch of a Disney Plus-like Mint streaming service, which only had one film on it, his little-remembered 2003 movie Foolproof. 

In the comments, someone suggested that Reynolds should have used “Honey, I shrunk the phone bill!” as the ad’s tagline. The actor then joked back that he “wasn’t legally allowed to say that.”

Ryan Reynolds

It was also pointed out that Reynolds has succeeded where the modern Ghostbusters films have failed, and he responded that he “wept” when Moranis agreed to do it.

This unlikely collaboration with Reynolds precedes Rick Moranis’ actual big comeback in Disney Plus’ upcoming Honey, I Shrunk the Kids reboot starring Josh Gad. Meanwhile, Ryan Reynolds will next be seen in action comedy Free Guy, coming this December.