Ryan Reynolds Trolls Brad Pitt With Deadpool 2 Set Photo

Ryan Reynolds

Deadpool 2 was full of great cameos, but Brad Pitt’s had to be the best one. One of Wade Wilson’s recruits to his X-Force team was an invisible mutant known as Vanisher. When the various team members died on their first mission, Vanisher struck a power line when jumping out of a plane and, as he was electrocuted, we got a brief glimpse of the character for the only time in the film, and he just happened to be played by one of the most famous actors in the world.

In true Merc with a Mouth style, Ryan Reynolds has now trolled Pitt about his Deadpool 2 role with a set photo that he’s just shared on social media. The Canadian star posted a pic of himself and Pitt from behind the scenes on the Fox sequel on his Instagram story. The catch, though, is that Pitt is only half visible.

“Worked with a lot of great bit players,” Reynolds quipped. “This guy played “Vanisher”.”

At one stage, Pitt was in the running for the role of Cable, but obviously that ended up going to Josh Brolin. Instead, director David Leitch and Reynolds were able to convince the star to turn up for the smallest cameo imaginable. Reynolds has previously praised the Once Upon a Time in Hollywood actor as well for being so generous with his time and for doing it for next to nothing.

Of course, Matt Damon also showed up for a tiny cameo, this time hidden under mounds of make-up to play a hillbilly who witnesses Cable arriving in the present. Alan Tudyk appeared alongside him in this scene, with the likes of Terry Crews, Bill Skarsgard and Lewis Tan turning up as other X-Forcers. Reynolds had a dual role as Juggernaut as well, which many might’ve missed, and even Hugh Jackman was featured, though only thanks to archive footage from X-Men Origins: Wolverine. 

Ryan Reynolds will return as the Regeneratin’ Degenerate in Deadpool 3set to take place in the MCU. And with any luck, having the anti-hero living in the same universe as the Avengers should lead to even more surprise cameos that may even top Brad Pitt’s electrifying role in Deadpool 2