Deadpool Star Ryan Reynolds Savagely Trolls Hugh Jackman With Hilarious Video


If you’re living in a state going through midterm elections, you’ll no doubt be sick of endless political advertisements in which someone makes their opponent out to be the devil incarnate. Well, Deadpool star Ryan Reynolds has got one more for you. The target? Hugh Jackman.

Reynolds and Jackman have had a light-hearted rivalry that’s run through the Merc with a Mouth’s movies, with Wade Wilson increasingly annoyed that Jackman’s Wolverine gets all the critical attention and awards season buzz while he’s left out in the Canadian cold.

This year, though, Jackman has his eye on some garlands for his performance in The Frontrunner, which follows the 1988 Presidential candidacy of Gary Hart. Hart was the frontrunner for the 1988 Democratic Presidential nomination, but his campaign was dramatically derailed after allegations of an extramarital affair surfaced.

Advance word is that Jackman’s great in the role, but Reynolds’ attack ad says differently…

This is perhaps a response to Jackman’s appearance on Good Morning America earlier this year, where he lightly poked fun at Reynolds’ attempts to get a Wolverine cameo in Deadpool 2 (though he did turn up in re-used footage from X-Men Origins: Wolverine). Jackman essentially claimed that Reynolds was being too needy, explaining that he should back it up and play hard to get because what he’s doing right now is just “not sexy.”

That said, there are still rumblings that Reynolds is eager to put together some kind of Deadpool/Wolverine team-up movie with Jackman. I think it’s unlikely for multiple reasons (mainly the Disney purchase of Fox and Jackman being done with the role), but stranger things have happened, so you never really know.

In the meantime, the weird PG-13 rated cut of Deadpool 2, The Deadpool Before Christmas hits cinemas on December 21st.

Source: Twitter