Ryan Reynolds Trolls Hugh Jackman Over His Guinness World Record


It’s been several years since Logan graced theaters, but fans are still taking to social media to ask Hugh Jackman to return to the role of Wolverine. Having first joined the franchise in 2000’s X-Men, though, his time as the adamantium-clawed mutant has already proven record-setting in its decades-spanning length.

With a duration of 16 years and 228 days between his first and last appearances as Wolverine, the Aussie actor now holds the Guinness World Record for longest career as a live-action Marvel superhero. It’s a nice little honor, and one that his best bud Ryan Reynolds was quick to acknowledge. But given that these two are currently in the midst of a rather epic troll war, the Deadpool star made sure to throw a little jab at his friend, as seen in the Tweet down below.

Very cheeky, Ryan! Though it’s highly unlikely that Jackman will ever reprise his role as Wolverine for that Deadpool team-up movie that fans still dream about, the rivalry between the two actors serves as a constant reminder of what could’ve been. And we say could’ve because as has been made abundantly clear by this point, the role of Wolvie will be recast once Marvel gains the rights to him through the Disney/Fox merger.

As for who might take over from Jackman, well, X-Men producer Lauren Shuler Donner has said that they’re looking for a younger actor to play the part, though we probably shouldn’t expect any announcements for a while yet, as the deal still hasn’t gone through. You could probably say the same about future plans for Deadpool, too, though recent statements from Disney CEO Bob Iger have at least told us that the Mouse House is fine with keeping the Merc with a Mouth R-rated.