New Sabotage TV Spot Will Leave You Floored


Set to storm into theatres tomorrow is David Ayer’s Sabotage and so far, reviews seem to be split down the middle, with some loving it and some hating it. Personally, I can’t wait to check it out. Not only does it look like a true return to form for Arnold Schwarzenegger, whose comeback has been taking a while to really ramp up, but also because it’s promising to be a gritty, no-holds-barred action film, which is something that we rarely see these days.

Starring Schwarzenegger as the leader of a DEA squad, Sabotage sees Arnie and his team getting mixed up with some nasty drug cartels. When members of the law enforcement team start to mysteriously die, it’s up to the remaining agents to put an end to the killings before its too late.

In hopes of amping up excitement for what looks like a truly thrilling ride, Open Road has put out a new TV spot today, featuring snippets of footage from the film along with a couple of quotes from critics (including one from our very own Ben Kenber, who claims that Sabotage will “leave you floored!”). It’s brief, but it definitely has me pumped and at this point, I’m more than ready to see the film.

Sabotage heads to theatres tomorrow, March 28th. Check out the new TV spot below and let us know if you’re looking forward to watching Arnie in action again.