Watch: Sacha Baron Cohen Caught Filming As Borat


Sacha Baron Cohen was spotted driving around Long Beach, California this week in a yellow truck dressed up like Borat. A video of the actor cruising through the city first appeared on Twitter and has since gotten fans to speculate why he’s dressing up as the protagonist of his most famous film to date.

The answer to that remains unclear, but Cohen has certainly had a busy summer. First, he occupied himself by compiling footage for the second season of Who is America?, a skit comedy show in which the actor dons various disguises to fool his subjects. Then, he managed to land an interview with Rudy Giuliani, a former major of New York City and personal lawyer of Donald Trump.


Before you propose that the internet has simply yet insensitively mistaken some poor ordinary man who happens to look like the infamous film personality for a disguised Cohen, think again. During the video, Borat can actually be seen driving right behind a truck carrying two cameramen who are shooting off the back.

At this point in time, neither Cohen nor his representatives have commented on the clip. As such, it seems rather likely that whatever they’re up to won’t be finished for some time.

Could another Borat movie be in the works? Maybe. Although Cohen hasn’t revisited the character in any official capacity since his debut movie, he has donned the persona to promote some of his other projects. Right now, though, his focus seems to be on finishing the second season of Who is America? 

The series first appeared on Showtime in 2018 and was met with positive response for its inventive comedy and poignant political messages. If Cohen wasn’t filming another Borat movie here, then perhaps he was simply using the character for a skit in his show?